Opportunity Cost and Value Chain for Fabrication of a Screw Retained Implant Supported Crown

July 18, 2018
Arnold Rosen, DDS, MBA


Our Dental Velocity case presentations focus on concepts and procedures that:

  • Demonstrate simplicity
  • Improve outcomes
  • Create efficiency
  • Increase revenue

This presentation will introduce the concepts of opportunity cost and the value chain in the context of a case for fabrication of a screw retained implant supported crown

Dental Implant Company Leverages HIPAA-Compliant Texting Solution to Streamline Communication and Collaboration

June 01, 2018
Arnold Rosen, DDS, MBA

About Southern ImplantsSouthern Implants was established in 1987 to develop, manufacture and distribute dental implants. Southern Implants has been a pioneer in this field over the last two decades and has contributed extensively to ongoing enhancements with respect to the osseointegration of implant devices, surgical techniques, patient education and options for treatment. The company is focused on the top-end specialist sector of the implant market, continually offering new choices using specially requisitioned pure titanium. Southern Implants is the leading implant company in Southern...

Using an Angled Screw for Retained Implant Restoration and Leveraging a HIPAA-Compliant Texting Solution to Enhance Referral, Planning, Coordination and Documentation

February 19, 2018
Arnold Rosen, DDS, MBA


This case study demonstrates the planning and execution of a retrievable single restoration in the esthetic zone. Instead of using a cement-retained crown to a custom abutment, we used angled screw access. The case highlights the steps associated with the procedure and its positive outcome. It also identifies benefits of using a HIPAA-compliant texting application to efficiently and securely communicate with the referring dentist, lab and patient.

Digital technology and the Dental Value Chain

July 21, 2017
Arnold Rosen, DDS, MBA

I recently came across an article published just a year ago in Dental Lab International. Titled Value Chains Being Transformed by New Digital Dental Technologies, its authored by Friedhelm Klingenburg, CEO of Germany-based Merz Dental GmbH, a dental lab respected worldwide for its leading dental companies worldwide for technologically sophisticated production.I agree with Klingenburg’s observation that the dental “value chain” would have seen little change if companies like Sirona had not introduced the scanners and CAD/CAM milling machines in the 1980s.  In his article, he refers to a...

Check out our new HIPAA-Compliant Text Messaging App, Awrel

March 24, 2017
Arnold Rosen, DDS, MBA

I am pleased to introduce Awrel the dental industry's first-ever HIPAA-compliant desktop and mobile texting application for quick, easy and secure communication and collaboration. Awrel is now available at http://app.awrel.com, the App Store or the Google Play Store. I am thankful to so many individuals and organizations who've helped me with this exciting initiative including Lee Culp, a respected innovator, author and lecturer in the dental lab industry, who shared this in last week's news release announcing the Awrel app: "Thousands of today’s dental professionals are breaking HIPAA...

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